IST 400/600: “How to Grow a Blogger”

As a grad student in the iSchool at SU, I’m very excited to be taking IST 600: Blogging for Information Professionals this Maymester. I graduated from the Newhouse School last year (that’s right, I’ve officially been an alum for a whole year!) with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism. Originally, grad school wasn’t in my plan. I was going to get a real job working in journalism or social media, because those were my two passions. However, when I was taking part in the Social Media Futures Charrette last year, I met the Dean of the iSchool, Liz Liddy. She encouraged me to apply for a masters program in the iSchool, and here I am. I’m taking this course because I think understanding how to blog in an enterprise environment is important for everyone, not just social media “experts”, journalists, or information professionals.

I decided to take this course because I do look at blogging largely from a journalistic aspect because of my background, and I wanted to focus more on blogging for professional corporations and organizations. A few weeks ago, Deanna Govoni, the social media manager for Cisco, visited the iSchool to talk about social media in a large corporation. She focused a lot on blogging and how effective it has been for Cisco- they have 32 blogs with 700 employees contributing material about the organization, their products, and more. I’m also taking this course because as a grad assistant in the iSchool, part of my responsibilties is to contribute posts and act as an editor for the iSchool blog, Information Space. I want to learn how I can improve my skills in that position.

I hope to learn about different blogging platforms,  the skills it takes to become a successful professional blogger, and how to make a blog profitable for an individual or for a business. I’m also looking forward to meeting @nunesmagician, who lived in the same house as I did on Euclid when he went to Syracuse.

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