Mashable: Because I’m a Social Media Nerd

Choosing Mashable as my favorite blog is probably exceedingly cliché, as it’s (arguably) the best social media and technology blog out there as it gets over 40 million page views per month. However, it is a blog that I read daily because of its design, relevant content, frequent updates, credible writers and strong community and social sharing. I’m also working and studying social media and technology, so it’s information that I need to have in my daily life.

Mashable underwent a redesign about a little less than a year ago, but its basic aesthetics have remained the same. If you take a look at Mashable, it’s clean, uncluttered and all about the content. It’s also very visual, which is something that makes it simple to look at and read regularly. I’m able to find what I’m looking for, search for relevant material, or just browse very easily. I love the basic color scheme that uses white and blue, and the layout and headers are clear and concise.

The content on Mashable features high quality writing about topics that I’m interested in for both personal and professional reasons- I’m currently studying tech and social media, and I hope to be employed in that field when I graduate. The content is always factual and accurate, and includes links to other resources for the topic that you’re reading about. The Mashable team also clearly labels if a post is a rumor (like the new iPhone design), a video, picturesinfographic, or report. In addition to featuring news, they also have regular guest posts that discuss successful social media strategies, recommendations and tips on specific topics, job postings and product reviews. There’s a great mix of written content, photos and slide shows, and videos that make the content of the blog varied and informative.

Mashable is updated several times everyday, which is important in a field that is consistently churning out news and information.

The writers employed by Mashable are credible sources- they have blogging experience, professional experience in social media, journalism or technology, and provide clear biographies so you can read about them and their backgrounds.

Community and Social Sharing
Mashable has a large and active audience who participate on the blog through comments, as well as sharing and interacting via social media sites like Twitter , Facebook and Foursquare. Mashable is an excellent place to see what others are saying about a particular news story or topic and to interact with those in a similar field.

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