Social Media for Dog Sweaters 101 is taking off and needs a social media outreach plan to build its audience. Well, that’s just perfect because I love social media so this should be a walk in the park (Get it? Woof.).

Social media tools

Twitter is always my first choice for social media sharing, because it’s the platform that I’ve become the most comfortable with and have had success with in the past. Twitter is also used by many people as a news aggregator or RSS feed, in addition to a place for conversations. So, sharing blog posts and links to articles via Twitter is very natural and appropriate. Twitter also allows you to build your own community, as you can choose who you follow and reach out to. You can also use hashtags to track conversations about specific topics, like fashionable puppies. I’ve found that using Hootsuite as a Twitter client is helpful, because it provides built-in analytics about link traffic.

Creating a Facebook page is another option, because almost everyone is on Facebook (even my mom and this dog, who has over a million “likes”). Facebook also allows you to easily “like” and comment on posts. It’s easier to track a discussion on Facebook than Twitter because you have more space and can track the flow of the conversation more easily.

I would also begin commenting on similar blogs than focus on animals, like I Can Has Cheezburger. I would reach out to other bloggers that talk write about humor, animals, and fashion, comment on their blogs, and link them to my own.

If these social media tools were successful, I would also make sure that a mobile version of the blog is available, as a large portion of a blog’s audience comes from mobile traffic. Additionally, it may even be useful to build a mobile application if the blog becomes successful and I’m willing to invest some money in its creation and release.

Tactics for building an audience

The most important factor in a successful social media campaign is interaction and conversation on all platforms. My primary goal is engagement, because that will result in creating a community and therefore, increased audience and traffic for my blog. Some tactics include creating a community on Twitter by following others with my interests, responding to replies, and asking questions. Using relevant hashtags would also be key in creating an audience that may not have found my site otherwise.

Connecting with other bloggers is also pivotal, and I think another important factor for the Facebook page is getting readers engaged by inviting user submissions of content. For example, asking for photos of their pets wearing clothing, or posting a picture of a dressed up dog and asking for comments, with the best comment being chosen and featured on the blog.

Measuring success

There are several ways to use metrics to measure the success of a social media outreach. Using the provided WordPress statistics or google analytics will provide unique visitors, page views for posts, and other useful information that can help shape my strategy. As I mentioned earlier, Hootsuite also provides analytics about link traffic and referral sites.  If would use a link shortener like that provides helpful metrics to track traffic. All of these methods would provide information about my audience for like the times of day people visit site, what kinds of posts are most popular, and where the traffic is coming from.

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One Response to Social Media for Dog Sweaters 101

  1. This is so interesting…I found all of the student’s blogs from Nunes Class on twitter.

    I am local and a blogging coach…it will be quite interesting watching some up and coming bloggers in Central New York!

    Once you get started on your own personal blog, submit it to my social networking site just for bloggers:

    The Blogging Buddies Social Network
    …you can create a profile, and add your blog, Twitter and Facebook links in the appropriate groups.

    Have fun in class- blogging is a lot of fun.

    In fact, it’s addicting 🙂

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