The Next Big Idea: Dogs Wearing Sweaters

Let’s create a hypothetical blog about dog sweaters because dogs are people, too. They need sweet ensembles to wear to the dog park and (oddly enough) people will view photos and enrich themselves in posts about suited-up pups, because is claimed.

My domain name is, because it’s descriptive of the purpose of the blog and the URL is available. Additionally, “sweaters” is a little more specific than “clothes” so I chose to go with the more commonly used term. One drawback is that canine isn’t the most popular word for “dog” so people may not search for it. I’d be able to overcome that by making sure the words “dog” and “sweater” are prominently featured on the site and that they will return results in a search engine.

Another option to get more traffic to the site is to find online communities or blogs that have a similar audience and become involved- begin commenting, share links to relevant content featured on, etc. The main audience could be similar to “I Can Has Cheezburger” since it’s another site that features funny pictures of animals. It could also appeal to dog-lovers and people who actually purchase clothing for their pooches.

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One Response to The Next Big Idea: Dogs Wearing Sweaters

  1. Kelly Lux says:

    Nice, Alyssa! And yes, I do purchase the occasional puppy ensemble…always very tasteful though, no tutus or leather.

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