Social Media & Journalism Links of the Day

1. Look Out Blogs: Google News Gains Options To Drop Blogs & Press Releases via Search Engine Land
“Tired of seeing blogs or press releases in your Google News homepage? Google’s got a cure for that, new settings that allow you to see fewer results from these sources, or none at all. That may cause some “blogs” to consider asking Google to reclassify them as news sources.”

2. YouTube Launches Journalist Memorial Video Channel via Read Write Web
“Journalism museum, the Newseum, and Google have joined forces to launch the Journalists Memorial channel, described as ‘A Tribute to Journalists Who Have Died Pursuing the Truth.'”

3. Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Delivers Graduation Speech at Syracuse [VIDEO] via Mashable
Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley addressed the 2011 Syracuse School of Information Studies (iSchool) graduating class during a convocation speech this past weekend… “Around Syracuse basketball season, I started meeting all these Syracuse kids who were using Foursquare, and realized how big it was on campus … After I realized it was getting big, I decided to do it,’ Crowley says.”

4. Moneyball and paywalls: Lessons on paid content from smaller papers via Nieman Journalism Lab
“In a recent study of small and mid-sized newspapers, 46 percent of newspapers with circulation under 25,000 say they are already charging for some online content, compared with only 24 percent of papers with a 25,000+ circ. And of the papers surveyed that don’t charge for content, only 15 percent said they have no future plans for a pay model.”

5. Media & Mass Communications: Nearly all Middle Eastern journalists use social media via Al Arabiya News
“Facebook, Twitter and other social media are now used by 95 percent of journalists in the Middle East, a survey published this week has revealed. But personal use, such as keeping in touch with family and friends, is the most popular reason for journalists’ use of the social media. “

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2 Responses to Social Media & Journalism Links of the Day

  1. 600apbangs says:

    Great review of social media’s influence upon journalists. I really liked the variety you shared with us. Glad you included the graduation speech that Crowley gave. I was hoping I’d get a chance to see it. Bravo, about the Arnold coverage.

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