Top 10 iSchool Blog Ideas

The iSchool already has a blog called Information Space. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that as a graduate assistant and member of the social media team I help to edit and manage it. Of course, this means I think the recent redesign looks awesome (and it was designed by two iSchool students) and I also think the content is well-written and topical. However, it’s very broad and since it’s run by the school it covers school events, student and faculty accomplishments, and recent news related to the different iSchool areas of interest. I can think of several other blogs related to the iSchool that could be written by myself or other students that would be more focused and have a clear niche.

Social Media at the iSchool
I’m an active user in the social media space, and a lot of the work I do at the iSchool revolves around this topic. I’ve done speaking engagements, group projects, research and helped to create and manage the social media efforts of the University and the iSchool. An example of a possible post would be about Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley speaking at the iSchool convocation (Mashable also did an article on it).

Start Ups and Entrepreneurship
This is a focus of many students at the iSchool. So many new businesses have been started by students in the iSchool, so this blog could feature those ideas and provide student profiles.

Class Reviews/ Professor Recommendations
This could have a snarkier feel, since it would involve reviewing classes and professors. There is something similar out there called, but it obviously isn’t focused on just the iSchool.

News Coverage
The iSchool often appears in the news for research breakthroughs, events, etc. This blog could offer an opinionated version of these news stories, or an insider’s perspective.

Technology Reviews
Since many student at the iSchool are tech-savvy, it would make sense to have an iSchool blog dedicated to reviews of new products and services.

Career Opportunities and Business Profiles
A blog about job openings in the fields associated with the iSchool and provides profiles of businesses like Google and Apple could be interesting. It could feature information about the job application process, interview experiences from iSchool alums, and descriptions of corporate culture.

Information Privacy and Security
This blog could be a discussion and debate about the topic of information privacy and security, which many students at the iSchool research, study and eventually get jobs in.

Web Design
This could highlight web sites that are well-designed, or take the opposite approach and feature horribly designed website. The voice could be informative (i.e. how to design a website) or humorous (web design from the 90’s).

The iBand Karaoke Hour
Several of the faculty members at the iSchool have created a band called The iBand. This blog would be humorous and feature song suggestions from students that hopefully the iBand could then perform with video uploaded to the blog.

One of the graduate degress that the iSchool offers is a Master of Science in Library and Information Science. This field is undergoing a transformation with innovations like tablets and eBooks, so the topic of “cybrarians” would be very interesting to students in this field.

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2 Responses to Top 10 iSchool Blog Ideas

  1. cookinjr says:

    Good afternoon,

    This is a fantastic list, and I wish many of them really existed.

    As a distance student nearing the end of his program, I find I have little emotional attachment to the school. That is to be expected, but I believe that blogs like you have mentioned may have helped to bridge the divide between being a distance student and getting some of that Orange spirit.

    While the “Class Reviews/ Professor Recommendations” blog could cause a lot of problems, it would have been helpful to me to see how other distance students found different classes and professors. I have been in some real stinkers, but most of them have been an absolute joy.

    Jason Cookingham of the Cookie Affair:

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