Top 5 Tweets about Schwarzenegger Scandal

With news of Schwarzenegger’s paternity scandal getting a lot of press attention today, people are taking to Twitter to expressing their thoughts and reactions. Here are my favorite tweets (so far):

1. While most are expressing sadness for Maria Shriver’s position, others aren’t so kind. @Gleefulreader tweeted “If I see one more ‘happy’ political marriage break up AFTER the man leaves politics, I’m going to scream (Maria Shriver, I’m looking at you)”

2. During a time of political scandal, everyone on Twitter becomes a comedian. @Andrewwoodward tweeted “Schwarzenegger: Terminator, Governator, Inseminator.”

3. And the Terminator jokes just keep on coming… @fbiryujin tweeted “Schwarzenegger confesses to fathering baby with house staff member, but explains that child is destined to bring down SkyNet in 2031.”

4. Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick has even gotten in on the Twitter action, posting about his current family problems.

5. Comedian and author of The Borowitz Report Andy Borowitz published a post on his blog titled “Schwarzenegger: ‘I Am the Sperminator’. He also tweeted several awesome Schwarzenegger comments, including the following:

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One Response to Top 5 Tweets about Schwarzenegger Scandal

  1. That’s terrible that people joke about this…this is a very real situation.

    Just because the people are in the spotlight…

    Well, do they have to be put in the spotlight 🙂

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