Social Media, Twitter & Journalism: How Topics Define My Audience

Defining your audience is an important step when you’re beginning to blog. Usually, your audience is centered around your topic of choice. However, that can change over time- why will they keep returning to your blog? How can you improve your posts? How can you create a sense of community and increase interaction? These are questions that I’m beginning to answer about this blog. As it grows, they will become more clear.

What is my audience?
Social media enthusiasts: My blog is based around the topics I’m passionate about and interested in. Social media enthusiasts are a big chunk of my audience, partially because I’ve made it clear in my blog title “I’m Huge on Twitter” and the appearance of my blog. While my title is supposed to be funny, it does also imply that I’m active and respected in the social media space. Additionally, I’ve designed my blog to reflect popular trends in social media. I have my tweets displayed in a widget on the right-hand side, my banner photo is a reference to Foursquare (I “mayor” SU), and my about me features my Twitter bio. I also discuss social media news, trends and tips in my posts and I believe I’m a reliable source for this information, because I study and work in social media.

Journalists: While I discuss social media, I also completed my undergraduate education in broadcast journalism in Newhouse. I enjoy discussing the transformational effect social media has had on breaking news and sharing information, so I believe my audience will reflect those topics and include those interested or working in journalism.

Syracuse students & community: I’m a passionate member of the Syracuse University community (Go Orange!) and that’s referenced in posts and photos on my blog. I’m also actively involved in the ‘Cuse community in real life and online, as I tweet about ‘Cuse from my personal account as well as tweeting as part of the social media team for @SyracuseU.

Twitter followers: Ultimately, I believe my blog audience is very similar to my Twitter followers. On my Twitter account, I’ve built a community of 980 followers who enjoy discussing the topics that I love and that I’ve mentioned above: social media, journalism, Syracuse, and popular culture. I also share links to my blog on Twitter, so I have a built-in audience to share my posts with that already know and trust my knowledge and opinions.

What are they looking for?
I believe my audience is visiting my blog for posts relating to social media and journalism. I think they’re looking for news in those areas, as well as my opinions and insights into trends and developments.

What motivates them?
My audience is motivated by a need for interaction and knowledge. Since they are interested in social media and journalism, they are familiar with interacting online and want to communicate about these topics. By choosing to focus on innovative topics that are in a constant state of change like social media and journalism, there is a consistent interest to learn more.

What brings them to a given site?
I’m making the assumption that many of my followers also visit technology and social media-focused sites like Mashable. While I’m obviously not as well-known and respected as those at Mashable, much of my audience already knows me from interacting with me on Twitter. So, while they will still visit other sites, they can come to my blog for updates with my personal perspective and insights. To grow my blog in the future, I’ll need to continue to reach out on Twitter to gain new followers. I’ll also need to focus on SEO, so those who don’t know me will be able to find my posts.

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4 Responses to Social Media, Twitter & Journalism: How Topics Define My Audience

  1. Nick Cicero says:

    Great post Alyssa, looking forward to everyone’s new blogs!

  2. I found several of you students on Twitter…

    I like blogging…in fact I help newbies (mostly small biz and home business) with starting their blogs.

    I like supporting new bloggers. It is so easy to get discouraged when no one has “discovered” your blog yet…

    I discovered you and here I am!

  3. danklamm says:

    Sounds like you have a great understanding of your audience! I like how you identified your audience by four different categories of people.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.


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