Making Money in the Blogosphere

Editor's note: This is not me. Yet.

Making money as a professional blogger isn’t easy, but it can be done in many different ways. There are direct tactics like advertising, sponsorship, advertorial posts, affiliate programs, donations, merchandise and selling subscriptions. Only a few of those would work for me, because my blog is still really early in its development and doesn’t reach a very large audience yet. Then there are indirect methods like consulting, employment opportunities, offline or online opportunities, speaking, and joining a blog network. Some of these may actually be realistically successful for me, because I already have professional experience in these topics and have created a positive reputation through Twitter. So, while my blog is still in its early stages my other experience could further any monetization efforts that I may pursue in the future.

Contextual Advertising
While one of the main cons of contextual advertising is that it doesn’t generate a lot of money, my blog has a specific niche so it would be an effective way to begin creating income.

Sponsored Posts
Since my blog does appeal to a certain audience- social media enthusiasts, journalists, Syracuse community, other students, twitter followers- there may be an opportunity in the future to utilized sponsored posts. While this isn’t something that’s realistic at this point, if I continue to blog regularly and grow my audience it may be possible since I do have a targeted readership.

I’ve received internship opportunities, job offers, and a spot in graduate school due to my active participation in social media and Twitter. Therefore, I’ve already begun to gain employment through my current activities. If I continue to blog on a regular basis about these topics, that will only increase my reach and improve my reputation as an “expert” in these areas.

Employment Opportunities
I’m currently employed on the student social media team at Syracuse University because of my knowledge and activity in social media. Blogging is an additional asset that will contribute to further success in this arena.

Earlier this year I was a speaker at the BizBuzz Social Media Tweet-Up in Syracuse, NY where I discussed how succeed in social media marketing. I also discussed the university’s current efforts in social media and how we’ve benefitted from investing in Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and other social networking sites. I’ve also presented to the Syracuse University marketing committee about our social media efforts with Anthony Rotolo and other members of the social media team. If I continue to build my professional reputation through my use of Twitter and blogging, I could realistically continue to pursue speaking opportunities.

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One Response to Making Money in the Blogosphere

  1. I prefer coaching & affiliate marketing…but everything does take time…

    Don’t forget your own product creation- ebooks, books, courses…

    If you are artistic you can also sell your artwork/crafts from your blog.

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