My Blog & Apple: A Request for Proposal

While there are many opportunities for both parties in an advertising connection between my blog and Apple, I’ve chosen to focus on a few strategies that would have a high impact monetarily and yield the most effective promotional results for your corporation.

Key Opportunities
Sponsored posts:
Sponsored posts would be highly effective because I have experience using Apple products and can blog knowledgeably about your products and services. I can also provide tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way about using Apple products to enhance my professional life in social media and journalism, and as a student. My opinion would be trusted by my readers because of my experience in these areas, and I could share personal insights that wouldn’t be provided on the Apple website or a straight-forward review by a technology site. Of course, these posts would be clearly labeled as “sponsored” in order remain transparent with my audience. Some possible posts could include:

  • Benefits of having an iPad as a professional social media marketer
  • Best Apps for Journalists
  • Top Apps for social media enthusiasts
  • How to maximize your productivity in class using your iPad

Sponsored Polls: Every week, a poll will be posted on my blog that will ask a question about their experiences using Apple products and services. This will provide Apple with good feedback because it will result in inside information about what my readers think about your products, how much they use them, and what they like about them. Also, it will indicate how many readers and engaging with my Apple-centric content. For example:

Affiliate program: Post adds that direct my readers to the Apple website and products. This could be made more effective if paired with sponsored posts, like the pros of owning an iPad while working in social media, journalism, or technology. This could be lucrative for Apple because the program would be an excellent match with my blog topics; my audience already has a high interest in technology and are more likely to click through to the website and make a purchase.

“I’m Huge on Twitter” promotional deal: Offer a promotional code that the reader will receive after leaving a comment on one of the sponsored posts, or create one through a partner site. This could be as small as a five or ten-dollar iTunes gift card or 10 percent off a purchase of a certain amount.

Intersecting Audience
These options would be an excellent opportunity for Apple because of our intersecting audiences. The primary topics of my blog are social media, journalism, and technology which directly coincides with the Apple consumer audience. I’m also a college student and blog about Syracuse University, which is another customer niche for Apple. The demographic of my blog matches up well with Apple’s corporate profile and business goals.

Trusted Source
Though my blog, I’ve become a trusted source for information about social media, journalism and technology for my readers, and many know me from Twitter and other social networking sites. My readers are more likely to trust my opinion and content than another site that they have no connection to, and it’s always a positive to have an insider’s opinion when you’re considering investing in a new product or  a large purchase.

As I’m an active user in the social media space, I would also use Facebook and Twitter to distribute links to my blog and drive more traffic to the sponsored posts and advertisements. This broadens my audience and increases the amount of people who will see the promotional material. As my audience continues to grow, that would only provide more opportunities for Apple and I to work together professionally in the future.

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One Response to My Blog & Apple: A Request for Proposal

  1. You’ve convinced me- you’re hired!

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