Turkey Hill: ‘Make your own flavor’ contest!

(Note: This post is written for a class assignment as an example of corporate blogging. I do not represent this organization in any way and this post does not reflect Turkey Hill’s products, services or promotions.)

With summer on the way, we want to celebrate the season by creating a new flavor that represent how you feel about the warm weather, sun and fun! We accept ideas for new ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors on our website all year-long, but this is your chance to participate and win a grand-prize giveaway! Here’s how:

Create your flavor:
Turkey Hill offers a huge variety of frozen desserts with all kinds of ingredients and flavors. But now it’s your turn to tell us what you want in your ice cream this summer! Your submission should include the flavor of ice cream and at least two other mix-in ingredients (fruit, cookies, swirls… get creative!) and can’t be the same or similar to a product we already offer.

Name your creation:
So you’ve made your flavor and it sounds delicious! Now you need to name your flavor. Try to make it reflect the flavor, describe the theme and evoke the feeling you get when you eat the ice cream. The more creative, the better! For example, we have ice creams called “Yankees Pinstripe Brownie Blast” and “Lady Liberty Mint”.

Design the carton:
Lots of our ice creams have fun, eye-catching cartons that make your mouth water! Design a carton for your flavor of ice cream that shows your summer theme and the ingredients in your creation. Here’s an example:

Explain your flavor:
In 250-500 words, describe to us why your flavor represents summer to you. Does it reflect a memory you have or include some of your favorite summer treats? Convince us why this is the best flavor of ice cream that all of your friends will crave in the summer time!

Share with us:
Submit your winning recipe on our website turkeyhill.com before the first day of summer, June 21st, 2011.

Vote for a winner:
Starting on June 21st, you can vote for your favorite flavor idea on turkeyhill.com. The top 5 submissions as determined by Turkey Hill will be available to vote for. Voting will be open until July 4th, 2011. The final flavor with the most votes wins!

Win Prizes:
The contest winner will get their dream summer ice cream flavor made into a real product, packaged in their carton design. The winner will also receive one year’s worth of Turkey Hill frozen dessert products free of charge!

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