Social Trend: Mobile Dominance

In the world of social media, transformations and innovations occur at a much faster, higher rate. As a blogger, it’s important to stay informed about the current trends, acknowledge their effects and understand how they can continue to evolve. According to Nielsen, more than half of all Americans will have smartphones by 2011. We live in a wireless world, and as a result people are used to having information whenever and wherever they are.

Effect on blog
Due to the impact of this trend, it’s important for any blog (but especially one about technology and social media) to be mobile friendly. How does my blog appear on a smart phone? I wouldn’t use flash on my site, as many mobile devices aren’t able to read flash-based content. This also means that my audience has the ability to check my blog at any time, they don’t need to be sitting in front of a computer to access it. Therefore, having consistently updated content is more important than ever. My audience is also able to access social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook on their phones, which is an additional reason to be active on social media when blogging.

Staying ahead of the pack
iPads and tablets: These are another big market that must be acknowledged when talking about mobile access, particularly for someone blogging about technology and social media. As a blogger, I can also use the WordPress application for the iPad to manage my blog:

Applications: Some professional blogs are building apps for smartphones and tablets in order to drive more traffic to their content. For example, the Huffington Post offers a free iPad app. Building an app could be an excellent option, but would take knowledge of building mobile applications as well as a budget which most small bloggers don’t have.

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