Social Media and Technology: Five Daily Deals

My blog is mainly about social media, journalism, technology and the effects of those subjects in higher education. As stated in a previous post, I’ve identified my audience as social media enthusiasts, journalists, students, technology fans, the Syracuse Community and my Twitter followers.  I’ve attempted to create five hypothetical daily deals that could be successful for a business and my blog.


Offer: 10 percent off any purchase of an iTunes or App Store gift card

Why it will be successful: This offer would interest my readers because they’re in social media and technology. My audience is tech savvy and has a use for Apple products, so a discount would be very beneficial for them. This is especially true because part of my audience may consist of students from Syracuse University, and students could always use a deal! I kept the offer reasonable, because I highly doubt that Apple would offer a large amount off of one of their staple products like iPads or iPhones. Also, often when you see offers for iPads online, they’re spam. I wouldn’t want my readers to be afraid to participate because it might be too good to be true!

Hootsuite Pro

Offer: HootSuite Pro costs $5.99 per month. The offer on my blog will be $1 off per month for 12 months.

Why it will be successful: As my blog is aimed partially at social media professionals or those interested in that field, they’re likely to use a social media dashboard like Hootsuite. This offer may encourage them to upgrade from their free account to a pro account, or to consider moving from their current dashboard to Hootsuite.

Society of Professional Journalists

Offer: One year student membership for $24 (usual fee for one year student membership is $36)

Why it will be successful: This offer decreases a one year student membership by 1/3  of the price, that’s a pretty good deal. I blog about journalism and my posts may be read by journalism students at Syracuse University or other universities. As a member, I can endorse all the great reasons to join SPJ for students and offer a great price.

NY Times digital subscription

Offer: + Tablet App: $4.00 per week (billed every 4 weeks at $16.00)

Why it will be successful: The New York Times currently offers a computer and tablet subscription for $5.00 per week, or $20 per month. This decrease of $4 per month is a great deal for someone interested in journalism and social media who is constantly reading the latest news on their computer or iPad. It may encourage my readers who have hit the pay wall to subscribe for a smaller amount.

Schine Student Center Bookstore, Syracuse University

Offer: Purchase any textbook for full price, get the second for 15% off

Why it will be successful: Textbooks are expensive, and since my audience consists of the Syracuse University community this deal would be applicable to some. I’m not sure if the bookstore would realistically offer this discount, but I think it would be a great incentive for students to actually purchase their textbooks from the university instead of online from Amazon.

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